Jeremy Renner Spoofs “The Avengers” and Sings on “Saturday Night Live”

Bourne Legacy star hit the late night laughter this week, hosting the show for the first time.

Jeremy Renner wasn't the only star shining on "Saturday Night Live" this week.

As it turns out, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has quite the knack for comedy.

The Republican politico and Obama BFF made a surprise appearance on "Weekend Update," getting heated with Seth Meyers, joking that the fleece he was wearing was "fused to his body" in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and revealing a list of people that he did not want to thank for their Sandy antics.

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"[This fleece] is practically fused to my body at this point," Christie said. "I'm going to die in this fleece. But that's's a good fleece."

Meanwhile, on his first time hosting the late-night laugher, Renner hit the SNL stage and sang (!) during his monologue, showing off his musical chops and very impressive singing voice.

"You may know that I play a little piano," Renner said. "I've actually written theme songs for every movie that I've done...but they've never used any of them. Do you guys want to hear a few of them?"

"The Avengers" star then broke out into song, singing a mock theme song to Avengers that totally made us swoon.

And then it was time for the show.

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The evening's skits mixed in some Thanksgiving fodder with "Dress Rehearsal," in which Renner played a disturbed husband named Wendell wearing a "Sgiving" sweatshirt who tried to get his wife (who was wearing a "Thank" sweatshirt) to come back home for Thanksgiving dinner.

And then on a (longer than usual) special Thanksgiving edition of "The Californians," Stewart (Fred Armisen) couldn't hold in his laugh as he tried to get through the skit, and Renner, who played Stewart's lawyer, broke news that Stewart fathered a child.

And while Renner also played a man who had to identify a body at a coroner's office, a gun-toting guy in a ridiculously long standoff, and other roles, one of his best skits was when he mocked his character Hawkeye in Avengers. When Hawkeye ran out of the 11 arrows he brought to destroy aliens, he decided to call it a day.

"I'm out of arrows," Hawkeye said. "I don't have anymore. I guess I'm done right? I'll be in the car. Stay safe."

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One of the other hot topics of the night was Gen. David Petraeus' cheating scandal.

In the cold open, Petraeus' biographer (and mistress) Paula Broadwell opened the show, reading mock, sexy entries of her book, All In, to a bookstore group that caused most attendees to leave the room.

"Afghanistan, September 2010...[The men of Afghanistan] barely seemed to notice as General Petraeus and I went at it like running baboons behind a jeep just 50 feet away," Broadwell read.

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And there was more mocking of the Petraeus cheating scandal to come, with a "Situation Room" skit about Jill Kelley, in which they showed a clip of her walking over and over. Wolf Blitzer (Jason Sudeikis) interviewed self-proclaimed Tampa Mayor Derek Fat Deuce Derek (Renner) about Kelley, who kept commenting that Kelley was "fine, like a fine wine."

Maroon 5 was also on hand to perform, singing "Daylight" and "One More Night." The band's frontman, Adam Levine, popped up as himself in the "Standoff" skit to make a quick gun-toting cameo.

So, tell us, what did you think about Renner's hosting stint? Sound off in the comments.

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