Joseph Gordon-Levitt Again Rumored to Be “Batman 3″‘s Answer to The Riddler

Here we go again -- Joseph Gordon-Levitt's being rumored as Chris Nolan's choice to play The Riddler in the sure-to-be-renamed "Batman 3."

The "Gordon-Levitt as Riddler" talk started back in June with a report from the previously unknown blog Hollywood Life. It took but a day for Gordon-Levitt's people to shoot the rumor down, much to the sorrow and disappointment of fanboys everywhere.

Now the rumors are back. The Riddler has been confirmed as the villain for "Batman 3," according to one of First Showing's sources, who adds that Gordon-Levitt is currently listed on a casting grid as "interested."

Of course Gordon-Levitt is interested, hell, we're interested. But seriously, just by dint of having starred in Nolan's "Inception," JGL has to be considered as at least a serious possibility for "Batman 3." 

Add to that the physicality Gordon-Levitt displayed during his "Make 'em Laugh" song-and-dance on "SNL" and in the gravity-free hallway scenes in "Inception," plus his range as an actor, and he's a natural for the role.

Gordon-Levitt can next be seen in the cancer comedy "Live With It," and is currently shooting a bike messenger thriller "Premium Rush."

"Batman 3" is scheduled to start shooting in March with an eye towards a release on July 12, 2012.

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