Judge Denies Apple’s Sanctions Against Samsung


It will take a lot more than a few links in an email to reporters to cause a federal judge to sanction Samsung and throw out the Korean company's defense, according to a new report.

In a ruling late Thursday in the Apple v. Samsung alleged patent infringement trial, Judge Lucy Koh denied the motion filed by Apple. The motion wanted the court to sanction Samsung for providing excluded case evidence to the media and dismiss its defense to its patent claims, according to AppleInsider. Koh continued that Apple's request was "frivolous at every level."

Apple claimed that Samsung should be sanctioned because its leaking of suppressed evidence could sway the trial jury.

Samsung responded to Apple's motion with a statement:
Apple‘s request is an affront to the integrity of the jury. Apple proceeds on the groundless assumption that the jury, already instructed by the Court not to read media accounts, will violate the Court‘s instructions and do precisely that. As explained in the Quinn declaration, Apple‘s premise is factually unfounded and contrary to settled law. Nowhere does Apple even address, let alone refute, these points.
The trial is already shaping up to be a very entertaining one.
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