Mac App Store Apps Now Have Retina Graphics


The rumor mill started early this morning when someone noticed the update for a Mac application at the Mac App Store.

FolderWatch from the Roloff Brothers started it all when a little note appeared on the app, stating what was new in the latest update:

- Retina graphics.
- New feature: Sidebar folders.
- Compatibility with Growl 1.3.

This was enough to set the Internet ablaze. Retina display in Macs! This was a sign of what would be announced at WWDC in San Francisco next week, the Next Web wrote.
While it's true there are rumors that Apple will be revamping its Mac line, there's been little information on what that will mean. This new piece of information, if you leap to a conclusion, could mean that Apple is bringing its beloved retina display to the Mac. Perhaps that would that convince those hanging onto an ancient MacBook to buy one of Apple's newest laptops?
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