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Macron's New Party Marching Toward Centrist Takeover of French Parliament

Macron is projected to have the biggest parliamentary majority since Charles De Gaulle in 1968

French President Emmanuel Macron's up-and-coming party is poised to secure a huge majority in the country's parliamentary elections after a strong showing in the first round of voting Sunday, NBC News reported.

His centrist Republique En Marche party and its allies won 32.3 percent of the vote, according to Interior Ministry results, with another round of voting to come. Many of the candidates — including a former pilot and a former bullfighter — were political novices who had never held elected office, like Macron himself.

Pollsters' projections say that the final outcome could leave Macron with the biggest majority of seats in Parliament since President Charles De Gaulle's conservatives won more than 80 percent of seats in 1968.

Such a strong result like the one predicted would enable Macron, who won the presidency without the backing of a major political party, to make good on his campaign promise to fight political corruption and ease economic regulations in France.

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