A Man ‘Sort of Cheated' on His Wife, Wins Praise

The story of a Utah man who thought he "sort of cheated" on his wife has gone viral, but not for the reason you might think.

Today.com reported that Jason Hewlett, an entertainer in the Salt Lake City area, said he eyed a beautiful blonde woman in line at Target, not realizing she was his wife.

Hewlett wrote a Facebook post about the experience and how it made him realize how lucky he was. Over a quarter million "likes" later, the post has earned him some praise and inspired others.

"People are saying, 'This has helped us in our marriage,' or, 'Thanks for reminding me to look at my spouse this way," Hewlett told Today.com.

His wife, Tami, penned her own Facebook response, assuring skeptics that her husband's post was real.

"He probably did not recognize me that day because I actually got ready," she wrote. "He usually sees me in a braid and in my 'good sweats' and he loves me that way too!"

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