Veteran With PTSD Finds Service Dog Stolen in November

Kai the dog
Alexandra Melnick

A California Marine veteran whose service dog was stolen from her San Diego-area home in November has found her beloved pooch, thousands of miles away in a small Texas town. 

Alexandra Melnick’s dog, Kai, disappeared from her Vista home on on Nov. 28 last year. San Diego Sheriff's officials say an unknown suspect entered Melnick's property and took the dog from a secured backyard. 

Kai is a 1-year-old, tri-colored German Shepherd that is trained and certified as a service animal. The dog has a microchip that helps identify him. 

Following Kai's disappearance, Melnick canvassed the North County with fliers in hopes of finding Kai.

“He was never used for the military, but he does help with PTSD-related aspects for me as a service dog,” she told NBC7 in San Diego when he disappeared. “I would really like for him to come home.”

On Aug. 31, Melnick received a tip that told her Kai was in Aubrey, Texas. The same day, she boarded a plane to Texas and confirmed Kai was there. 

With the help of Denton County Constable D. Boydston and Animal Control officials, the dog's microchip was scanned and his identity confirmed. 

Kai is with Animal Control officials and a property hearing is scheduled Wednesday to determine proper ownership of the dog. 

Sheriff's officials have identified a suspect, but did not identify him or her. The investigation is ongoing.

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