Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Saved By the Bar Exam in New Comedy

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Joseph Kim

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We know Mark-Paul Gosselaar grew out of his “Saved By the Bell” role a long time ago -- mostly as “NYPD Blue’s” hunky antidote to Dennis Franz -- but now he's all growed up with a new TNT comedy, "Franklin & Bash," about a pair of high-powered attorneys.

"It's a funny, funny comedy," Gosselaar tells PopcornBiz.

“The setup is two street lawyers who win a big white-shoe firm. They've sort of been, you know, ambulance-chasers their entire career. Good lawyers but just, you know, two guys who make a lot of money and spend a lot of money, decide to kind of grow up a little bit, and work for a white-shoe firm that they take down on a case. The patriarch of that white-shoe firm is Malcolm McDowell, and we just shake up the stuffy culture.”

Gosselaar plays Peter Bash and Breckin Meyer plays Jared Franklin.

“He's more Ringling Brothers. I'm a little bit more Zen, a little bit more grounded,” he said.

“The episodes are self-contained for the most part, because that's the way TNT likes it. Each episode has to be self-contained in a way so they can re-air them on cable, but we have a bit of story arcs. It's always good to have sort of an ongoing arc throughout the whole season.”

Here’s hoping that means we can expect a multi-episode arc guest-starring Dennis Haskins as a contentious litigator during sweeps week, because we always liked seeing Zack drive Mr. Belding over the edge.

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