Meet “True Blood's” Newest Shapeshifter: Marshall Allman

This Sunday, "True Blood" returns to HBO with its second episode from Season 3, and fans are going to get to know a lot more about a new young blood — Sam Merlotte's little brother, Tommy Mickens.

Played by Marshall Allman, formerly of "Prison Break," the Austin-bred actor has come into the series ready to cause trouble in his long-lost older brother's already dramatic life.

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"By far, for me this is the best character I've ever played," Marshall told of Tommy, a mechanic/shapeshifter who has already tried to have his brother run over while in animal form. "He's definitely the most complex, the most rich."

Without giving too much away, Marshall is locked in for the season as Tommy, who is heading to Bon Temps and Merlotte's with mischief for Sam on his mind.

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"My character is definitely a catalyst for Sam. I definitely push him to new places that he's never been before," Marshall said. "And not only him, but I cause trouble among every person I pretty much come into contact with."

While Tommy may have been born and raised a Mickens with Sam's birth parents, who live in a dilapidated home, he may not be all rogue.

"He's not all the way bad, he's not all the way good. He does things that are despicable and he does things that are redeemable, so no matter what scene he's in it's always going to be a circus ride," Marshall said. "He's very unpredictable, you don't know what to expect from him."

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Like all the men of "True Blood," Marshall has found playing Tommy doesn't just mean donning easy cotton flannel shirts. Even if the clothes look old, they are form fitting.

"Audrey, the fashion designer, does a really good job of keeping the clothes tight 'cause that's kind of the nature of the show. It's a very sexual sensual show so everybody's in really tight clothes," he laughed. "I mean, it's constantly summer there so she does a really great job of like, keeping a fine line between authentic to the characters but also making it fit that ass!"

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Marshall has also joined in the brotherhood of those who've had to disrobe on the show including Sam Trammell (Sam), Alexander Skarsgard (Eric), Stephen Moyer (Bill) and Ryan Kwanten (Jason).

"I mean it's not just the tight-fitting clothes it's no clothes at all. If you had motivation before to work out… it's powerful motivation," he said. "The second you know you're going to be like running around naked on screen, it's a pretty powerful motivation to get to the gym."

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