No Shoving! Meg's Hands-On Management

I'm not sure what to make of the New York Times' report that eBay paid a settlement to an eBay employee whom then-chief Meg Whitman may have shoved (the details are murky and apparently known only to Whitman and the employee).

But I do have three suggestions for how the Whitman campaign should spin this:

"She's hands on, sometimes to a fault."

"Just wait until you see the headlock Gov. Whitman puts Speaker Perez in once she gets him into a Big Five meeting."

"She'll manhandle the special interests."

That's right: Never be defensive.

My other reaction, the one I suspect that many Californians will have upon hearing this story: If bosses are handing out six-figure settlements for a shove, can I get seven-figures if I convince my supervisor to punch me in the nose?

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