Men Convicted in 2011 Murder of Alleged Lover of a Former Supermarket Owner

The victim's body was found bound, beaten and partially burned in the Florida Everglades

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story identified Manuel Marin as Presidente Supermarket’s co-founder, instead he’s a former owner of some Presidente stores.

A jury on Thursday convicted two men accused of helping orchestrate the 2011 Miami-Dade murder of the man who allegedly had an affair with the wife of a former owner of some Presidente Supermarkets. 

The jury found Alexis Vila Perdomo guilty of conspiracy for helping organize the murder of Camilo Salazar, who was targeted for allegedly having an affair with Manuel Marin's wife, according to prosecutors. The jury found Robert Isaac guilty of kidnapping, conspiracy and of taking part in the murder.

Salazar's body was found on a dirt road in the Florida Everglades. He was bound, beaten, tortured, his throat was slashed and his body was partially burned, according to a police report.

Prosecutors said Perdomo and Isaac, whose sentencing date will be determined Friday, acted on Marin's orders to kill Salazar.

Ariel Gandulla, a former MMA fighter who also stood trial for his part in the case, testified against Perdomo and Isaac on Tuesday.

Gandulla told the jury he thought he was accompanying Issac to collect a debt from Salazar. He also admitted that he didn't do anything to stop Salazar's kidnapping and instead drove off before the killing took place.

After years on the run in Canada, Gandulla voluntarily returned to the U.S. in September, pled guilty to kidnapping charges and agreed to 36 months in prison. 

The trial for Marin, who made his first court appearance in Miami-Dade in October 2018 soon after being captured as a fugitive in Spain, is expected to begin in 2020.

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