Poll: Vast Public Misunderstanding of Obamacare

Americans are so uninformed about the 2010 health care overhaul that a full 42 percent of them don't know it is law, according to a new poll. Twelve percent think Congress has repealed the law (it hasn't), seven percent think the Supreme Court has overturned it (it upheld the law last year) and 23 percent are unsure of its status, the Kaiser Family Foundation poll found. Those figures underpin widespread misunderstandings of the law, which just 35 percent say they view favorably and which 40 percent view unfavorably — and contributing to the misperceptions are the law's complexity and political battles over it. President Barack Obama's administration is just beginning to push back against those misconceptions, though he admitted Tuesday that "there will still be glitches and bumps." His comments came as the White House unveiled a shorter new application process for health insurance, and as almost half of Americans — 49 percent — said they don't have enough information about the law, a fact the law's opponents have jumped on to supply their own message.

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