Fan Kicks Usher in the Face During Sofa Serenade

OMG indeed.

Usher received a stiletto to the head Monday when a handpicked fan tried to straddle the R&B star during a steamy on-stage serenade at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The YouTube-tastic moment happened during Usher’s OMG tour performance of his song “Trading Places,” The New York Times reported.

In online clips leading up to the debacle, the fan is shown wiping sweat off Usher’s arms, hugging him then moving to a backless couch where the singer croons into her ear as she lies on his chest.

The singing abruptly ends when she turns around and attempts to swing her leg over Usher’s head but instead connects with his face.

The woman looks mortified and begins to wipe his head with a cloth, but Usher shows he’s a good sport.

“We play rough in the bed, you know,” he deadpans. “We kick each other in the face and all kinds of good stuff.”

Selected Reading: NYT, EW, Daily News

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