Jackson Death Certificate: “Injection by Another”

Death certificate modified to reflect coroner's ruling

Michael Jackson's death certificate has been changed to reflect the coroner's ruling that his death was a homicide, listing the new cause of death as "injection by another."

The designation was changed after the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said it believed Jackson's June 25 death was a homicide, not an accidental death as first reported.

The new record of Jackson's death lists the cause of death as "acute propofol intoxication" and "benzodiazepine effect" as another contributor to the death.

Officials said Jackson was killed thanks to a lethal cocktail of propofol and other sedatives, which Jackson was administered as sleep aids, his doctor Conrad Murray said.

Murray is being investigated for manslaughter after he admitted he gave Jackson the drugs even though he knew he should be waning the pop singer off of the sedatives, which Jackson had become addicted to, Murray said.

Jackson was found dead at 50 June 25 on the eve of a comeback tour that could've reinvigorated the King of Pop's career.

He'll be interred Thursday evening at storied Hollywood cemetery Forest Lawn Glendale.

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