Jon Stewart Voted “Most Influential Man”

On the eve of the highest-profile event of his public life, Jon Stewart's power is reaching its pinnacle.

In a new poll released by the website, "The Daily Show" host has been voted the "most influential man" in the country, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Stewart topped a list of 49 men from fields such as sports, politics, entertainment, technology and philanthropy. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Steve Jobs and Kanye West rounded out the top five. Over half a million people participated in the poll.

According to AskMen, Stewart is "our youths' most trusted source of information and its host the most trusted man in America."

Stewart moved "The Daily Show" to Washington, D.C., this week in advance of his "Rally to Restore Sanity," taking place on October 30 on the National Mall. A crowd of over 100,000 is anticipated and other informal rallies inspired by the event are taking place around the world. But before that, Stewart sits down for an interview with President Obama on October 27.

Stewart's Comedy Central running mate, Stephen Colbert, registered no. 11 on the list.

President Obama came in at No. 21, just below the creator of "Mad Men," Matthew Weiner. Other notables included James Franco at No. 7, Conan O'Brien at No. 12, Jay-Z at No. 13 and George Clooney at No. 18.

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