Sammy Hagar Says He Was Abducted By Aliens

Rocker Sammy Hagar said he’s pretty sure aliens exist because “a few decades ago” a pair of extraterrestrials tapped into his mind through some kind of Wi-Fi connection.

In his new memoir “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,” the ex-Van Halen frontman writes about a vivid dream where he says he stumbled upon a UFO with two aliens inside near Fontana, Calif.

Hagar told the scene he described in his book really happened. He said he played it down in print because he didn’t want to sound like “a crazy person.”

“It was a download situation,” Hagar told MTV. “This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones.”

Hagar explained that during the experience “knowledge was transferred back and forth” and he could see what was happening.

The “Feels So Good” singer said it wasn't his only close encounter with aliens. He said he left out of his book another bizarre experience.

“One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a car with no wheels,” Hagar said. “We lived out in the country and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it and s---. And I don’t know what happened after that.”

No word on what gems the aliens may have extracted from Hagar's mind back in the '70s or '80s. 

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