Sarah Palin Pals Around with Bears in TLC Clip

Mama Grizzly, meet a mama grizzly.

Sarah Palin had a close encounter with a group of grizzly bears while out fishing, a leaked clip from her upcoming reality TV show on TLC reveals.

The one-minute vid shows the ex-GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor stumbling across two bear cubs and one adult while out on a small boat with hubby Todd and daughter Piper. 

“Cute,” Palin says before a camera cuts to the adult Grizzly growling at another bear that has approached. “Oh, she’s telling him to get the heck outta here.”

The two giant furry creatures then wrestle each other into the river, with Palin exclaiming, “this is awesome.”

“I love watching these mama bears," she says in a voiceover. "What I see in that is what a mom would do, too. Anything and everything, laying down her life for her kids."

Earlier this year, Palin used the mama grizzly metaphor “in a political sense” to refer to someone “who is watching what is going on that is adversely affecting our cubs, our children, the future of America.”

Eventually, one of the Alaskan bears seems to notice Palin’s group and approaches her fishing boat.

“We're going to back up. Look at his claws,” Palin says nervously.

"I'm lookin' around to Todd going, are you feeling what I'm feelin'?" she later explains. “It could think that we are its lunch instead of those little tiny salmon.”

The clip ends with Palin ominously observing that her boat has been snagged to a rock.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” debuts Nov. 14.

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