Sarah Palin Struggles to Sell Reality Show Starring Todd Palin: Report

Former Alaska governor said to be pitching an outdoorsy follow to "Sarah Palin's Alaska"


Sarah Palin is hunting for a buyer for her new reality show, according to a report.

The former Alaska politician turned pundit and reality star has teamed up again with super producer Mark Burnett for a new show focused on former First Dude Todd Palin’s career as a champion snow machine racer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. (The entertainment site says 'snowmobile' but that doesn't sound like a Palin project, now does it.)

Burnett previously produced “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which premiered a year ago on TLC with a record 5 million viewers.

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TLC parent network Discovery Communications had gone through a bidding war with rival A&E Networks to land the polarizing pol -- for a reported $1 million an episode.

But after “Sarah’s Palin Alaska's” blockbuster debut, the show dropped to an average 3.2 million viewers a week and was not renewed for a second season. Entertainment Weekly speculated at the time that Palin might have pulled the plug on another season because it would have complicated a possible presidential run.

This time both Discovery and A&E have passed on Palin’s new show, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

THR reported that Palin’s declining star power and request for another $1 million an episode payday have been complicating efforts to sell the project.

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