Stars Turn Out to Bust ‘Bling Ring'

Lindsay Lohan was in court again last week, but she was not talking about her parole problems.

Lohan was there to testify about the break-in of her Hollywood mansion last year, a crime that was part of a larger string of burglaries targeting L.A. celebrities.  Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom, also victims of the stealing spree, joined Lohan in giving testimony before a grand jury.

Prosecutors alleged that from October 2008 through August of 2009, a gang of young men and women broke into the homes of young celebrities around Hollywood, stealing jewelry and luxury items, the AP reports.  'Transformers' actress Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale were among the victims.

The stolen loot totalled over $3 million.

Most of the gang of 6 robbers had attended the same continuation high school together, the L.A. Times reported.  Rachel Lee, 19, Diana Tamayo, 20, Courtney Leigh Ames, 19, Roy Lopez Jr., and Nichola Frank Prugo, 19, were charged with mutiple counts of burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, and receiving stolen property.  A sixth gang member, Alexis Neiers, 18, took a plea deal earlier this year and is currently serving a 180 day sentence at Los Angeles County jail.

Court documents revealed the detailed planning the 'Bling Ring' put into their raids.  Before breaking and entering Paris Hilton's home, the gang prepared detailed floor plans, which included the location of the security cameras and where she hid her front door key.

Prosecutors alleged that Prugo was the mastermind of the group, preparing "shopping lists" of jewelry, art, and luxury goods to be lifted from celeb's houses.  The group researched their raids using Twitter,, and the website

Investigators said they caught the crew after two members began bragging about their exploits at parties.

The gang returns to court August 12.

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