Realtors Accused of Vandalizing Listed Home With Dead Mice & Snakes

A husband and wife team of real estate agents were caught allegedly sabotaging a home for sale.

A husband and wife team of real estate agents in Pennsylvania are in trouble for allegedly sabotaging a home on the market in their neighborhood, reports Jonathan and Andrea Straub, the couple in question, also have a home on the market, for $1 million.
The couple was caught on video cutting branches off trees, knocking over "For Sale" signs, and placing dead mice and snakes in the driveway. Police confronted the Straubs about the video and they confessed, though the Straubs' attorney calls the charges "absurd," claiming there are dead mice all over the place, anyway. Another lawyer for the couple said the people on the video aren't recognizable and that the Straubs never admitted to doing the crime.
A neighbor of the couple, Regina Hunt, was selling the home, and said it's hard to believe. 
Neither the Straubs nor Martell, the owner of the vandalized home, are returning their phones or email. 
The Straubs are going to court to fight the charges.
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