Religion, Politics and AIDS Make Volatile Combination

Normal 0 Thirty years after the discovery of HIV/AIDS, the disease continues to infect new poeope every year, including 1,000 in LA County.

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, John Duran, one of four HIV-positive elected officials nationwide, said there is no easy answer.

“A lot of people identify this as a gay and bisexual disease in the USA, but in Africa, Southeast Asia, lots of parts of Eastern Europe, it is primarily a disease of women, a disease of heterosexuals. There’s a very strong component here, and that’s human sexuality. How do you control human sexuality? Look at some of our more prominent senators and presidents. You can’t even control human sexuality with the governor of California or the president of the United States.

 “Human sexuality is such a powerful force and you throw an epidemic into the midst of that, it’s very difficult.

 “Any time you mix religion, politics and a deadly disease in one container and shake, it’s a very volatile combination.  

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