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See Robert Pattinson as ‘The Batman' in Dramatic First Teaser

Director Matt Reeves has finally revealed the first images of Robert Pattinson in the iconic "Batman" suit

The next Batman film starring Robert Pattinson will be delayed.
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It's the moment everyone's been waiting for.

Director Matt Reeves finally revealed the first images of Robert Pattinson in the iconic "Batman" suit. Of course, the movie has only just begun filming so fans weren't able to see the "Twilight" star in all his glory, but the brief teaser shared on Twitter was enough for fans to know that the Brit fills out the suit well, E! News reports.

As far as the Batsuit goes, it's very similar to the one sported by Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's three films. The only noticeable difference is that this Batsuit looks decidedly more gritty and rough around the edges. 

Overall, it seems the passionate fan base approves of Reeves' vision of the iconic comic book character.

Moreover, they seem to be looking forward to the dark and almost suspenseful approach he's taking to a film that's been recreated multiple times. 

However, there will still be many months until fans can see the finished project on the big screen. 

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