Rock Solid Fun: Morro Bay Harbor Fest

Journey to the land o' the big rock for truly fresh ocean finds.

ROCK ON: How many different versions of the word "rock," and all of its multiple meanings, can you summon in under a minute? The answer is surely "as many as you need" or, at the very least, "oodles." But what if you had to build your rock-referencing list around the Central Coast and the art of enjoying seafood? You might start with rock lobster, or rock fish, or the rock 'n roll that always seems to be serenading diners at port-close, way-cool hangs and dives. You can add another "rock" to this particular list, and if you're about to guess that we're about to talk about the big, big, gargantuan hunk o' matter that sits just off the shore of Morro Bay, you'd be correct. For...

MORRO ROCK... is about the biggest rock around, and if that is not exactly quantifiable, and if other nearby rocks and slabs of earth are bigger, well, let us all agree: That is one ginormous volcanic plug. And it makes a magnificent backdrop to one of the salty-air'd communities biggest bashes of the year, the Morro Bay Harbor Festival. Sure, you can eat rock fish while looking at Morro Rock, if you like, but there are other outta-the-ocean specialties, too, including shrimp, oysters, and chowder. (No, chowder itself isn't found in the waves, because cream comes from cows, and crackers from cracker-making kitchens, and onions from fields...) 

THE DETAILS: This can be quantified, or at least pinned down: The date is Saturday, Oct. 6, the place is The Embarcadero, and the price to get in is no price at all, or, at least, the best of all prices: free. Bring money to seafood-it-up, of course, and enjoy a giant rock, rock fish, and a rock-steady awesome outing, of the foodiest sort, on the Central Coast.

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