Jimmy Fallon Gets Star-Studded 40th Birthday Surprise on “Tonight”

Fallon celebrated his 40th birthday on "Tonight" with the help of Seth Rogen, James Franco and Stevie Wonder

Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 40th birthday on "The Tonight Show" Friday night with two unexpected celebrities popping out shirtless out of an enormous cake and a performance by a surprise musical guest.

"From what I've been told everyone here got me a surprise birthday gift," said Fallon, unaware of what was planned.

"They told me that a special guest is here and I'm going to interview him or her."

"Or it," Steve Higgins added. "You never know."

Next, an oversized birthday cake was rolled out onto the stage, and out popped a half-naked Seth Rogen.

"Jimmy, I know you do not like surprises so I'm just going to say two things. First, happy birthday and second...."

"You're under arrest!" shouted James Franco, who popped out next, wearing a police hat, a bow tie and handcuffs.

With Fallon overcome with laughter, Rogen continued to explain: "We are not even the real surprise. The real surprise is behind this curtain right now."

The two then introduced Stevie Wonder, who came out from backstage singing "Happy Birthday."

Later in the show Fallon sat down with Wonder and talked about his upcoming tour and album called "Songs in the Key of Life."

At Fallon's request, Wonder performed his hit song, "Sir Duke."

James Spader was the official guest on the show and talked to Fallon about the second season of his hit show, NBC's "The Blacklist," which premiers on Monday.

Fallon ended the show by handing out slices of his birthday cake to the audience.

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