San Fran’s First-Ever Motel

Unknown photographer. (According to the Nobel Foundation, this image was donated and it's photographer is not recorded in any records)

Down by the Bay: San Fran is known for it’s bustling city-life on steep-inclined streets and a wafting salty-seafood smell.  However, the Pacific Ocean edge is in fact a lesser-known treasure that should be addressed.  In fact, one hidden gem is the Ocean Park Motel.  Now before you judge a place by its “Ho” or a “Mo”, we assure you that the place is surf-lover’s paradise.  

Time is a-wasting:  Summer brings in that famous Frisco fog, so September is ideal.  The 1930’s Streamline Moderne motel has a pretty courtyard and cute kitchen in many rooms.  More exciting?  The Motel is pup-friendly so bring your canine to Ocean Beach (aka dog heaven).  


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