Seasonal Debuts: Yosemite Stables and Bikes

The openings provide more signs that finer weather is on the way, to stay.

WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO: Scientists and sociologists and marketers who study play -- and that's actually a thing -- must cast a keen eye on how people approach vacations. Companies in the holiday industry want to know, for reasons, but it is an intriguing concept over all: What do people do on vacation, or, more specifically, when do they choose to do it? Do they simply show up at a destination, ready to wing it, or have they got an itinerary planned out, minute-to-minute? Most travelers likely dabble a little in both sides, but when you get to an epic nature spot -- say, a Yosemite National Park -- the desire to see where the day takes you can grow. But your choices depend on the season, which makes warm-weather times in the park the prime times to wake up and decide to hike, ride a horse, or pedal a bike. Yep, you can leg it all year, but the Yosemite Valley Stables and the Curry Village Bike Stand traditionally have springtime openings. And lo and behold, they're arriving with in 24 hours of each other this year.

Dear vacationers who decide that morning what to do, in Yosemite, your choices just grew. Because...

YOSEMITE VALLEY STABLES... opened on Friday, April 11. A few rides are available, including a two-hour clip-clop to Mirror Lake or a half day right to Clark's Point. The half day ride has some switchbacks -- no surprise there, if you're going deeper into the park -- so perhaps start with the two-hour-er if this is your first ride in the valley. If pedals rather than saddles is more your style hit...

CURRY VILLAGE BIKE STAND: Can you rent by the day? You can. Can you rent by the hour? You can do that, too. Will it be a new way to take all of that oxygen-perfect fresh air the valley is known for, in a fresh, invigorating way? Indeed, indeed. Happy cycling, nature mavens: The stand debuted for the season on Saturday, April 12.

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