See the Unknown Coast by Bike

A Humboldt ride is scenic, challenging, and full of oceany vistas.

HELLO, LOST COAST: Much has been made, especially in satirical, meme-happy circles, of our desire to know all things at all times. We need to know what restaurant our cousin just checked into and how many people are going to the birthday party next month and what is the exact mileage to our dentist's office. It can quickly cross the line between helpful and overwhelming, though, as we pause and wonder if there are still mysteries and things to discover out there. There are, and sometimes they're quite large, and not so easy to reach. And are these mysteries the frequent star of social media conversations? They are not (that's what makes them mysterious). A major one for many Californians is the Lost Coast, that perfectly exquisite neck of Humboldt County that sits westish of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. True, it isn't *that* lost -- it does appear on maps and there's the oh-so-tasty Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka -- but it still feels nicely hard to reach and gorgeously wild. So it is the perfect place for a series of bicycle rides, including one called "California's Toughest Century."

100 MILES OF BEAUTY: That lengthy roll heads out on Saturday, May 11, along with a number of shorter rides. They're all part of the Tour of the Unknown Coast, a day of riding that counts as one of our state's most scenic bike events. Hills, bluffs, and all of that pretty Humboldt-i-ness is on full display as pedalers froom past. A ten-mile ride is hill-less and the perfect choice for those people who want to try out the tour.

MORE HUMBOLDT HAPS... If you go up for the ride, be sure to visit Ferndale and the other towns of Humboldt; there's always something interesting doing. And we realize and embrace the fact that we used the term "Humboldt-i-ness" before. But if you know the area you know the magic of Humboldt-i-ness. It's a quality more areas could aspire to.

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