Starry Desert Stay: Indian Wells Hotel Refresh

New suites at The Renaissance Indian Wells spotlight famous performers of the past.

DON THOSE OVER-SIZED SUNGLASSES: There aren't too many places where people can go to play at being an old-school movie star nowadays. We don't mean a star in reality, of course -- we'll leave that to the people doing the Tinseltown thing -- but a star in presence, in demeanor, and in style. You can be that, without ever having auditioned for anything, ever, if only you have the right super-large sunglasses, a pretty maxi dress or swim trunks, and the perfect place to lounge and look ever-so-slightly regal.

THE DESERT RESORTS... have been inviting people, whether they're actual movie stars or not, to regal it up for well over a half century, and there isn't a sunny day that goes by where some cool cat isn't sitting by some swimming pool while taking on an air of elegance and magazine-y magnificence. It's one of the fun roles to be played while vacationing in the desert destinations, and The Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa has further burnished your entry into Hollywood role-playing with the introduction of ten new Star Suites. You won't find stars in the carpet, a la the Walk of Fame, but each suite is a paean, via a large in-room portrait, of one of the greats: Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Lucille Ball are four of the ten famous faces you can fall asleep watching. You'll at the very least bid the portrait "goodnight" before getting some shut-eye? Good.

MORE MOVIE STARNESS: If lounging around your suite isn't quite public enough, there's The Renaissance's three pools (with waterfall), which make up one of the largest swimming pool complexes in all of desertland. Yes, there are cabanas with ceiling fans and other amenities, plus a sandy "beach" entrance alongside one of the pools. But will you keep your over-sized sunglasses on inside your cabana, even though you'll be out of the sun? Well, you must, right? If we're all going to the desert to play old-timey Tinseltowner now and then, we best stick with tradition. And keeping the sunglasses on indoors -- a cabana counts -- is very much the vibe.

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