Leave the Blow Horn at Home: What Not to Pack for Your Super Bowl Flight

The TSA has some packing tips for the lucky fans flying into Phoenix for Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX: leave your propane tanks and blow horns at home.

The Transportation Security Administration posted on Thursday to its TSA Blog a number of helpful hints for traveling into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which they say ranked as the 15th busiest airport for passengers screened in 2014.

With the Super Bowl and a major PGA golf tournament both wrapping up on Sunday, the flood gates may open at the airport gates. On Monday, up to 80,000 are expected to travel.

With that many people standing in baggage and security lines, the agency plans to deploy 90 extra screening officers and open additional security lanes in Phoenix. But the other do's and don'ts released this week could keep lines running smoothly and make sure you aren't that one person caught with a air horn or flask in your carry-on luggage:

Unfortunately for those looking to raise their noise game in the stands, air horns are prohibited in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Flasks of any kind are banished, though you can still bring small amounts of tailgating tipples like tequila and vodka aboard the plane if you wish. Packed in a carry-on bag, you are allowed as many 3.4 ounce bottles that fit into one quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag. But if you want to bring your whole handle of vodka, you need to check your bottle, packed away, curbside or at the desk. Just make sure it is 140 proof or less — anything higher needs to be left at home.

Can't imagine hitting the pre-game tailgates without a nice, juicy hamburger or hot dog? While you'll need to leave your propane tanks at home, you are allowed to check some tasty burger toppings, such as BBQ sauce and swiss cheese. Salsa, cheese dips and salad dressings are OK in your checked bag, too.

With Sunday forecasted to be 72-degrees and sunny around Glendale's University of Phoenix Stadium, according to The Weather Channel, you should have no problem meeting TSA rules mandating you leave your gas heaters and stoves behind. You can still tailgate at the stadium, just minus those items.

In addition to checking to make sure you don't have prohibited items in your luggage, the TSA urges all travelers to get to the airport with more than enough to spare. Because whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks this Sunday, it’s easy to agree that airport travel is best when checked baggage and security lines run quickly and stress free.

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