Thanksgiving Feast with Snoopy

Join the Charles M. Schulz Museum party on the Saturday before the holiday.

SPYING A CELEBRATION ON TV... is pretty normal when the holidays roll around. Just about every series features an episode where the characters go home to see their parents for Hanukkah, or travel a great distance to join a New Year's Eve party always thrown by a childhood best friend. But it is hard to top the television special that's been around since 1973, a show that features the beloved Peanuts gang on a certain November holiday. That holiday, of course, is...

THANKSGIVING, and Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty and Franklin and Marcy all want to get into the sweet moment of the occasion with their own feast. It's a feast that's become rather famous, and some people even recreate it at home while viewing the annual airing of the show (if they don't already own it). Have you ever wanted to be a part of "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"? Then make for the...

CHARLES M. SCHULZ MUSEUM... on Saturday, Nov. 19, the Saturday before the family-sweet holiday. There'll be a large-screen showing of the episode, as well as jelly beans and popcorn and toast for snacking (the three important components of the Peanuts' animated dinner). Sonoma Cold Stone Creamery will also call upon the Santa Rosa institution, with ice cream in tow, and crafts'll keep the kids thinking about the themes behind the holiday. Plan to stop by? Please help out the Redwood Empire Food Bank and show with a pair of cans for donation. A bonus? That donation will give your party a free kid's admission to the museum. It's one of the cutest suppers in all of TVdom, and it is coming to life in fine and festive form at the place that knows Peanuts best.

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