Tidbits: Jon Mocks Kate for Staying Mum with King

Other tabloid tidbits: Mel Gibson's messy divorce and more Lilo drama

Seems the latest interview from Jon Gosselin’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Kate, left the reality TV dad disappointed. It’s not that he felt upset that she scheduled a tell-all talk — after all, he gabs with gossip hounds on a regular basis. It was her refusal to dish any real dirt that posed the problem.

When RadarOnline asked the father of eight what he thought about Kate Gosselin’s appearance on “Larry King Live” Tuesday night, he complained, “She didn’t say anything. She just kept on redirecting and avoiding answering the questions.”

Given the same platform, Jon Gosselin promised he’d have plenty to say.

“When Larry’s ready for me, I can answer questions,” he assured.

Mel Gibson’s divorce gets messy
Another upcoming celebrity divorce may make the “Jon & Kate” divide look like child's play. According to the National Enquirer, actor-director Mel Gibson hopes to soon be free to marry pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Allegedly, his estranged wife, Robyn Gibson, is willing to live without him, but she’s not willing to live without the fortune he’s amassed.

“Robyn is out to get Mel in the end,” a family friend told the magazine. “There’s $1 billion at stake, and Robyn is planning on taking it all, including Mel’s (Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, Calif.). Her attorneys have finally gotten through to her that the real estate alone the chapel sits on is worth millions.”

The source claimed the reason Robyn Gibson wants everything is simply so she can keep Grigorieva from getting her hands on it.

“Robyn feels Oksana has a sketchy past, and that she’s using Mel,” the family friend continued. “She also believes Oksana is out to get a big piece of the Gibson family’s financial pie.”

Lohan claims break-in was no robbery
The bandits who broke into Lindsay Lohan’s home (seen here) weren’t after the usual loot. In fact, according to the actress, it wasn’t really a robbery.

In a series of posts to her Twitter account Tuesday night, Lohan explained that while she felt “sad, and well, obviously scared,” she knew the act “was not a ROBBERY.”

“Electronics weren’t taken,” Lohan reasoned. “Just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me.” 

Dish on the fly
Before Hugh Jackman can bare his six-pack once more for “X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2,” he has to find it. “I have a little work to do to get back in shape, because I’ve kind of let myself go a bit from those Wolverine workouts,” the Australian actor admitted in a quote posted to Showbiz Spy. “I’ve been eating all the wrong things — like you do.” … In June John Mayer and his “Fantasy Factory” pal Rob Dyrdek decided to prank the paparazzi by having Mayer accompany a seemingly unconscious Dyrdek out of a club, but the pair had no idea the singer-songwriter would lose a fan along the way. “My mother was so disappointed,” Dyrdek told OK! magazine. “She went to instantly not liking him and thinking he was a bad influence on me. She used to be like, ‘John Mayer’s so great!’ And then after that she was like, ‘No John! I don’t care how famous you are, John.’”

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