Today’s Lunar Eclipse Visible via Google

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Gregory Theus

Google wants you reach for the stars -- even if you can't see them.

The 100-minute long lunar eclipse begins at 11:20am PDT today -- but Google can't see it from their Mountain View campus on the peninsula.

So they kicked at the ground and went back to work building wind farms.

So they arranged a "mission interface" with the Slooh Space Camera so anyone, anywhere can watch the eclipse in real time, via Google App Engine.

There is also a livestream on the Google YouTube Channel -- or, if users are looking to fill up three screens with nerdy awesomeness, they can download a kml file and watch it via the Sky layer in Google Earth (available on the blog post).

But wait, there's more -- in the form of an Android App.

These avenues of wonder are brought to the world by Noel Gorelick's team, who posted on Google's official blog this morning. Gorelick is "Chief Extraterrestrial Observer and Technical Lead in Special Projects.

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