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LA Train ‘Hero' Subdues Unruly Passenger in Viral Video

The viral video had garnered more than two million views by Thursday morning

A man was being called a "hero" after taking down a shirtless, unruly passenger on an Expo line in Los Angeles in an act that was caught on camera, and going viral Monday night.

In the video posted to YouTube, which by Thursday morning had received more than two million views, a shirtless man can be seen confronting passengers on the train on Saturday night.

The train was traveling on the Expo line from the Crenshaw area to the Culver City station around 9 p.m., the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

As the 25-year-old shirtless man was badgering other riders, a man, identified as Adrian Kaczmarek, suddenly appears and puts him in a rear-naked chokehold, as seen in the video.

"I was more concerned about my safety and the people on the train safety. I wasn't sure if he had a knife or if he had a gun," said Kaczmarek, who grew up in New York before moving to LA five years ago. 

Kaczmarek dropped the subdued man to the ground, and then placed his foot on the man’s chest.

"I finally saw it escalating to the point where he was getting physical and people are getting pushed around. The whole thing is about to explode. I thought the best thing to do was go over there and subdue him," Kaczmarek said.

A transit officer arrived, but the man continued to struggle so Kaczmarek used the officer's handcuffs to restrain him at the Culver City Station. The shirtless man was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance, authorities said.  

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