Viddy Experiences the Zuckerberg Bump

Getty Images

In only a week after it started using Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg in its promos, Viddy's users went from 15 million to 26 million. We think that's enough to call it the Zuckerberg Bump.

Viddy announced its 26 million users on the Next Web, where it also did a bit more boasting:

The company also tells me that its name is starting to slip into popular vernacular, with people talking about “posting a Viddy” instead of saying “posting a video on Viddy”.

So far, Viddy's biggest competition for the title of "the new Instagram" is Socialcam, a company who has been accused of gaming the system and making video use social without permission. Either way, Socialcam did not get Facebook's co-founder and chief executive to sign up and *then* use his account as part of a promo on its website. (Viddy's current investors include Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Will Smith, Jay-Z, and international pop star Shakira.)

Zuckerberg also recently singlehandedly made the $1 billion Instagram deal, so does Viddy also hope it might experience Instagram's fate? We think that's definitely a possibility.

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