Will Strip for Facebook Likes

Raising the branding bar while lowering a standard, fashion label Stussy wants users to help it "Strip for Likes" on Facebook.

The more "Likes" that the Stussy | Amsterdam page gets, the less that model is going to be wearing.

Making a play for the male audience is a somewhat risky bet, though, as it not only could alienate female customers, but Facebook trends toward women users, overall.

Then again, The Next Web posted a story on the campaign, noting the page had 360 Likes. About an hour later that number had grown to 573. So, like lawyers, there's no such thing as bad press.

Once a user Likes the page, another layer of fun is offered, with a "Share" or "Invite" promising another level of undress (full disclosure: we didn't Share as the mother-in-law follows our Facebook).

As AmsterdamBlog points out, too, that once you Like the page, you're inclined to check back to see what that model is up down to, which increases their engagement number.

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