Cal Expo Acquires California (Sign)

The Disney California sign finds a new home in Sacramento.

FIRST INITIALS: We don't mean to get personal with you but we have a couple of questions. One: Have you been to Disney California Adventure in Anaheim? Okay. If that's a yes, here's your second question: Does your name begin with a C or an A or L or I or F or O or R or N? If that's another yes, we're going to bet that you stopped to take your picture while sitting, or standing inside, one of the large letters spelling "CALIFORNIA" outside the theme park. It became a tradition over the years (and, yep, we're an A, so we had our picture taken in the sign) but that tradition ended when the sign was removed due to the theme park's recent and quite large-scale renovation. "Where did the iconic sign go," people wondered. "And will we see it again?" It turns out you shall see it again, soon, but not in Anaheim, for the Disney California sign is hitting the highway for the Cal Expo in Sacramento.

(a rendering of the California sign's new Cal Expo location)

A "FRIEND"LY DONATION: The sign's recipient is actually the Friends of the California State Fair, and, yep, it was a donation. The sign will "make its way to its new home in late September," says a representative, and it will be situated outside the Cal Expo entrance. We're not sure if you'll still be able to take your photo while standing inside the A or by the F, but we're happy it is getting a second chapter. Plus, the state fair's home definitely feels like a good fit for something that started as Disney signage. Oh, what? When does the fair start this year? Glad you asked. Opening date is Thursday, July 12.

A "FISH"LY DONATION: This isn't the first newsworthy donation Disney has made to another California attraction. The resort sent the koi fish that had formerly been living at the Disneyland Hotel up to the Huntington Gardens when the hotel underwent renovations a couple of years back.

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