Zuck Takes Potential Employees to the Woods

There's no question Mark Zuckerberg is kind of a weird guy. We've seen him awkwardly address the public, and then announce he's only eating animals he kills himself. So the tale of how he takes potential employees out to the woods to tell the tale of Silicon Valley, really isn't a big surprise.

Valleywag reports about how New York Times' Nick Bilton spoke to some of the engineers at Facebook. Evidently, Zuckerberg would invite them on a walk "along the wooded area of Palo Alto that skirts Stanford University." After getting to an area that overlooks Palo Alto, the Zuck would talk about the history of the tech valley, and where Facebook fits in.

"He pointed to Facebook and said that it would eventually be bigger than all of the companies he had just mentioned," One person who went for a walk with Zuckerberg told the Times, "and that if I joined the company, I could be apart of it."

There was no mention if Mark would try to capture any small woodland animals with his bare hands, however.

Gizmodo  has photos of the Zuck's woodland spot.

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