Neighbor Captures Cellphone Video of Burglars in the Act

A woman in South Pasadena caught on video burglars loading loot into a car

Three burglars seemed unaware they were caught on camera loading a black Nissan with stolen loot on Monday from a Brunswick Avenue home in South Pasadena.

A witness captured the burglars on cellphone when she looked up "just in time to see them walking down the street with a flat screen TV," said the woman, who requested anonymity.

The crime took place in the middle of the day, with the television covered in a sheet, the witness said.

Detectives said they are grateful the witness recorded the burglary.

"She did not intervene. She did absolutely the right thing," said Sgt. Robert Bartl of the South Pasadena Police Department. "Be a good witness. Get law enforcement involved. Get us out there as soon as possible."

The homeowner, who lost a radio and cash, is not talking to reporters.

The witness said the homeowner talked to her about the break-in.

"He was upset, upset and bummed out. It's unfortunate. It's not a good feeling to have somebody come into your house and completely trash it."

The burglars entered the home through an open window, police said.

Burglaries are "on the rise right now due to the holidays," Bartl said. "They know there's homes with gifts inside, expensive valuables inside."

The witness who recorded their crimes has a message for the brazen burglars:

"Just surrender! Their faces are clear as day. Their car is in perfect view. Just give it up."

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