Bobcat Kittens Discovered in Santa Monica Mountains

The bobcat kittens were tagged and are now part of the National Recreation Area's 20-year study of the species

Scientists have discovered two new bobcat kittens living in the Santa Monica Mountains.

GPS points tipped off biologists studying the species inhabiting the mountain range that Bobcat-339 may be "denning."

"We went to check it out last month and, lo and behold, kittens!" the National Park Service said this week in a Facebook post announcing the discovery.

The two male kittens were found inside a deep woodrat nest. Scientists took samples and measurements, placed ear tags and returned the baby brothers to the nest.

The ear tags allow researchers to identify bobcats on camera traps throughout their life. Now the kittens — dubbed B-340 and B-341 — are part of the National Recreation Area's 20-year study of the species.

A hidden camera trap was set up to monitor for mom's return. The video shows the bobcat brothers snuggling with one another, and mom even makes a cameo.

Officials with the National Park Service believe the brothers are about 4 weeks old in the video.

The mom and her boys eventually move to another location and the nest's rightful owner — a rat — reclaims its home.

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