Newlyweeds Celebrate Their Love With Cannabis-Themed Wedding

There was more than just love in the air at this Woodland Hills wedding.

Pot leaves adorned the bouquet of the wife and marijuana-infused ice cream was served as dessert at this celebration planned by wedding planner Jamie McCormick.

"I want to destigmatize cannabis in the social aspect of things and show that it's not about just sitting on the couch," he said.

McCormick believes that with the legalization of marijuana in California, there will be a lot more weddings like the one he planned in the near future.

However, there are still restrictions placed upon these events. One of them is that they have to take place in private properties.

Followed by the words "you may now smoke with the bride," rather than, "you may now kiss the bride," the newlyweds, Jeff and Serena Baleja sealed their love with smoke.

"It's time to embrace the weed," said one of the guests at the wedding.

The smokey reception was filled with a cannabis bar, joints, edibles and a CBD chocolate fountain.

"This is the country of freedom, you know," said the bride. "Exercise your freedom to do this."

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