Obama Sells Papers

L.A. Times Nov. 5 Issue still being sold

Outside the Los Angles Times Spring Street entrance, Obama print fever continued as people lined up Thursday to purchase copies of the Los Angeles Times Nov. 5 edition.

Some came out with one newspaper and folded it under their arms; others carefully placed their small stack in a plastic bag to protect the issues for the trip home. 

Some carried out a bundle of newspapers and had one wonder if they were picking up inventory, not historical keepsakes.

Yesterday, the LAT reported that the The Chicago Tribune sold framed front pages for as much as $99.  A single copy of the New York Times would have cost you over $200 on EBay for $249.99.

For most people in line, it was a chance to have a paper documenting a turning point in American culture

"It's something I want to save and pass on to my just born grandchild," said Thomas Anderson, a South Los Angeles resident who took a bus to the LA Times this morning. "I want to give them a reminder that a black man in a high office was once news. Hopefully, when she is born, it's not a big deal like it is today.

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