Amelia Earhart

Mystery Solved: Amelia Earhart's Half-Million Dollar Vintage Car Found

A vintage car formerly owned by the American aviation pioneer was found by the Los Angeles Police Department.

To this day, the whereabouts of Amelia Earhart herself remain a mystery. However, the whereabouts of a car formerly owned by the American aviation pioneer are not.

The Los Angeles Police Department recovered the stolen treasure Monday night and returned it to its owner, Jim Somers, on Tuesday.

The 1932 vehicle formerly belonged to Amelia Earhart and is worth $500,000, Somers told police.

He stored the vintage car in a trailer left at 1200 West Collins Ave. for safekeeping. But on Friday, Feb.23 the trailer and the vehicle mysteriously disappeared.

However, officers from the LAPD Hollenbeck division found the car without the trailer on Lombardy Boulevard and Alhambra Avenue in El Sereno.

Orange County Police Department Sgt. Phil McMullin said it's possible that the theft was an inside job done by someone who knew that Somers owned the car and where it was housed.

Although the area in which the car was stolen is an industrial area, it is not a high-crime area, McMullin said.

Authorities have yet to identify the car thief but are working to solve the case. They retrieved a video of a pickup truck believed to be the suspect's vehicle.

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