In the Doghouse: Woman Hides in Pooch's Home

"She saw my husband on the way out and said, 'Sorry, but you got a nice doghouse, though"

When a woman in Riverside was "in the doghouse," her predicament was quite a literal one.

Police say the woman was a passenger in a stolen car and darted from police and into a yard, where a surveillance camera captured her trying to hide inside the homeowners' doghouse.

Sarah Stephens says around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, she heard noises coming from her backyard. "I ran and woke up my husband and called the cops," she said.

Stephens immediately checked her surveillance cameras and saw a woman trying to open the slider and then walking over to a large cooler before finally crawling into the doghouse to hide. Stephens' husband grabbed a bat and she grabbed a shotgun, ready to protect their 10-year-old son.

"If she would have come into our house, she would have had a shotgun blast through her body," Stephens said.

Thankfully for Stephens - and the woman - officers quickly arrived and threatened to unleash a K-9. The woman eventually crawled out of the doghouse and surrendered.

"She saw my husband on the way out and said, 'Sorry, but you got a nice doghouse, though," Stephens said.

Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback said the woman could have been seriously injured during the ordeal, since officers had no way of knowing if she had a violent background or was carrying a gun. Investigators said that if she hadn't run from police, she wouldn't have gotten into trouble.

Now, though, she is facing a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice because she ran from officers. The alleged driver of the stolen vehicle, 18-year-old Angelo Calamandrei, was arrested for evading police and driving a stolen car.

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