Officials Prepare Homeowners for Flood and Mudslide Risk

The rain in recent days has been putting many communities on edge, especially the ones near the Woolsey Fire Burn Scar. On Saturday, Ventura County held an event to get people ready for any possible flooding and mud flow problems.

Dozens of people packed into Oak Park High School to learn more about mudslides and debris flow after the Woolsey Fire.

The event provided helpful information to people like Angelika Humig, who moved to Oak Park with her family just two weeks before the fire started.

"I'm a newbie here. I have no clue about anything. I just know I have mountains in the back yards," she said.

Several different agencies explained how fire make certain areas more vulnerable to flooding and mudslides and which parts of Ventura County are most under threat.

"We just have to be really mindful when it does rain that we have protections in place so that people's lives and properties are safe," said Linda Parks, a member of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors.

Booths at the event offered practical tips, such as what to have in an emergency "go bag" and how to have alerts from the county sent to their phones. Though she arrived to the event as a "newbie," Angelika Humig leaves with a trove of valuable knowledge.

"Prepare yourself, have a plan, get out when you need to get out," she said.

For more information, visit the Ventura County Recovers website.

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