Cabin Owner Unhappy With Dorner Settlement

A woman said she is not getting fully compensated for a claim made when her cabin burned during a manhunt for a killer cop

Two years to the date of the Christopher Dorner manhunt that ended with her cabin being burned to the ground, Candy Martin is as angry as ever.

She expected she'd be reimbursed for her cabin, which the San Bernardino County Sheriff admits was burned down inadvertently. She never thought the County would leave her unable to rebuild.

"I was so angry and disgusted," she told NBC4 about the settlement she was offered almost two years after seeing her cabin go up in flames on national television.

She shared the details of her settlement exclusively with the NBC4 I-Team.

On Feb. 12, 2013, Dorner holed himself up in Martin's cabin near Big Bear, after a dramatic manhunt across Southern California. The cabin burned to the ground during Dorner's firefight with police.

More than a year ago the property was demolished. All that remains now is an empty lot.

"What kind of a future am I going to have as a result of this incident?" Martin said.

Martin said all she wanted from the county was money to rebuild. She asked for $420,000, but said the most the county offered was $200,000.

"What I've learned is that the government doesn't care about their individual citizens," she told NBC4. "They're not always there for you."

Martin said she accepted the county's settlement offer because she didn't want to endure a long legal battle — and the possibility a judge could determine the county didn't owe her anything.

"I'm not going to let the anger overtake me," she said. "My goal is to put this behind me."

Claiming she doesn't have the money to rebuild her burned-down cabin, Martin said she plans to put the property up for sale.

A call to San Bernardino County officials was not returned.

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