Panty Bandits: Mother-Daughter Duo Arrested for Stealing $250,000 in Victoria’s Secret Products Across State

The two women allegedly stole from various Victoria's Secret stores from Thousand Oaks to the Bay Area.

A mother-daughter duo was arrested for allegedly stealing approximately $250,000 worth of products from Victoria’s Secret across California.

Maria Perez, 38, and her daughter Melissa Partida, 19, are believed to be responsible for a series of thefts at the Victoria’s Secret Oxnard and Thousand Oaks locations. They also allegedly stole goods from locations in Northern California near the Bay Area.

Surveillance footage captured from the Bay Area showed the women stuffing products inside an empty baby stroller then walking out of the store without paying. This was a tactic they used across other stores before they were intercepted by police.

Since early October 2017, the retail company noticed an increase in organized thefts after they lost nearly $15,000 on five separate occasions in its Thousand Oaks and Oxnard stores. The Thousand Oaks Police Department worked with Victoria’s Secret Loss Prevention

Detectives found stolen merchandise in the suspects' vehicle as they stopped the mother-daughter duo in Castaic, California then arrested them for burglary.

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