Travelers, Heads-Up: Passport Fee Increases From $25 to $35

The change will be effective April 2.

Starting in April, travelers will pay a little bit more for a passport.

The Department of State announced Jan. 31 that the execution fee will go from $25 to $35.

The change will be effective April 2.

People who apply for a passport by mail will not see the fee increase, the Department of State said in a release.

Passport execution applies only to the in-person applications, which means it affects those applying at a post office or where applications are reviewed and verified. This applies to first-time applicants. 

The form used for mail renewal by mail is DS-82.

The increased fee is in addition to the standard application fee, which is $110 for the book, and $30 for a passport card. All fees can be viewed here.

All other forms can be found here.

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