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Everything is Pink Inside This West Hollywood Apartment – Including the Owner

The self-proclaimed "monochromatic" has lived "in the pink" for nearly 40 years.

From the outside this West Hollywood apartment might look modest, but walking through the pink front door and inside the pink palace is like stepping into another world.

Kitten Kay Sera, whose name is a tribute to Doris Day's song "Que Sera, Sera," moved into the then all-white 750-square-foot apartment in 2000. Now, everything is pink. Including her.

It took her nearly 5 years to transform the apartment into the pink paradise it is today. From the chandeliers to the carpet and everything in between, the character actress, TV personality and singer says her obsession with the color pink has not been cheap. She estimates she's spent over $1 million so far.

"Pink makes me happy so I surround myself with everything pink,” Kay Sera said.

For her 20th birthday in 1980, she dressed in head to toe pink. She decided to live life monochromatically that very day. The entertainer has stuck with the shade for nearly 40 years and even made a living off of her passion for pink.

She's now known as "The Pink Lady of Hollywood.” She’s garnered a social media following, with more than 117,000 Instagram followers (including Paris Hilton). She's earned the coveted title of "Pinkestest Person in the World" by Ripley's Believe it or Not. And, Beyoncé even sang back-up on one of her songs.

Over the years the self-proclaimed "monochromatic" has dyed, painted or purchased nearly everything inside the apartment unit in her signature color: pink.

"I know it's crazy that I have a pink casket in my living room."

The pink coffin placed next to her kitchen is there temporarily until she puts it in storage, she explains. It's a prop from her latest music video shoot for her song "Queen of Pink."

Her human-sized dollhouse has served as the backdrop for various music videos, TV shows, commercials and photo shoots. It was even featured recently on Netflix’s home makeover show "Amazing Interiors." 

Kay Sera says she wants to eventually upgrade the pink palace to a "huge house with a pink pool" and she doesn’t plan on stopping her pink obsession any time soon.

"I'll be doing this until I'm 100." 

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