Police Cruiser Stolen While Officers Chase Man on Bicycle

A police cruiser was stolen while officers chased a man on a bicycle in El Monte late Thursday as they responded to a burglary report.

The officers responded to the report in the 9600 block of Telstar Avenue at around 11 p.m, an El Monte Police Department spokesman said.

They eventually caught the man after he fell off his bike and attempted to run away, but then discovered their cruiser had disappeared when they tried to take him back to the station.

An El Monte PD helicopter found the vehicle parked on the shoulder of the Stewart Street eastbound 10 Freeway onramp. The vehicle was unoccupied and all equipment and police weapons were accounted for.

 A witness reported seeing a possible suspect running in near the cruiser, however the individual was not found despite a search.

An investigation into the theft is ongoing.

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