Huntington Beach

Police Still Searching for Huntington Beach Bike Thief

Security footage captures a white male making off with two bikes and a barbecue

Police are attempting to identify a man in a baseball cap accused of stealing a bike in an underground parking structure in Huntington Beach.

Security footage caught the man, a white male with brown hair and multiple tattoos, breaking into the parking structure of Pier Colony Condominiums at 200 Pacific Coast Highway early on June 29.

Carrying a blue and tan backpack, the man wandered around the lot trying car door handles, eventually discovering and stealing a white bike with a child trailer attached to the back, authorities said.

Footage captured the thief placing an unopened barbecue along with a second stolen bike in the child trailer and then riding out the parking lot through the main gate.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Huntington Police Department.

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